5 months ago Founded by Yozgat entrepreneur Mustafa Duyar in Yozgat Organize Sanayi Bölgesi (YOSB) and producing gloves for light work, Atikel Gloves is the only domestic company in Turkey.


Atikel Gloves, which operates in YOSB with an area of ​​10 thousand square meters, produces 100 percent Turkish goods and continues to sell 5 million pairs of gloves each year. Atikel Gloves competing with Chinese and Israeli companies dominate the market in the business gloves sector, and in the short time like 5 months, they have got a say in the market by putting out better quality products from China and Israel. With the establishment of the company to remove Chinese gloves from the target of the company to remove the Israeli companies from the country market and 100 percent of my citizens to deliver the gloves of goods.


From Small Workshop to Factory Competing with the World

Factory Owner Mustafa Duyar, who said that even the smallest hardware store located in the most remote corner of Turkey has its own products, said: "We had a modest manufacturing before in Düzce. When we looked at the sector, we saw that there was no local company. Unfortunately, our national capital was going out. In the hands of the market, Israeli and Chinese companies and gloves of our country were marketed gloves produced by foreign companies. We could not afford to let the national wealth of our growing and developing countries flow out in this way and we decided to come to Yozgat, our home country, and set up a factory that produces 100 percent Turkish made light industrial gloves in Organize Industrial Zone. We were founded 5 months ago and we employ 20 people. Our goal in Yozgat was to defend the people of our own country and create jobs with our possibilities. Bozok Yaylaslası, which is the heart of Anatolia, entered the competition with many foreign companies today and we are bringing better quality and healthier work gloves to them. "


Stopped Gloves Imported from China

Indicating that they have contributed greatly to the country and the economy of Yozgat in a short period of time, Duyar said, "Before entering the sector, gloves made in China went up to the smallest hardware. After our establishment, Chinese-made gloves can no longer enter the country market. So we stopped the gloves imported from China. Our aim is to be able to meet all of Turkey's glove needs by removing Israeli products from the country market. We produce 420 thousand pairs of gloves per month which is 5 million pairs per year. We did this production in as little as 5 months. In the future we will increase our production 4-5 times. All our work is in this direction, "he said.

Turkish goods should be the best

"We knew that we had to produce the best product when competing with foreign companies and that we had to represent Turkish goods with quality," Duyar said. We designed the comfort and friction resistance of our products in this frame in the best possible way. We improve resistance after we have developed comfort. If the friction resistance is high, the product will be used for a long time. With this consciousness we produce our products and we drive the pajamas according to their usage areas, "he said.


80 We Need Work, Can Start Now

Factory owner Yozgatlı Businessman Mustafa Duyar said that the plant equipped with state-of-the-art equipment is planned to employ 100 people. "The biggest obstacle to realizing our targets is unfortunately not enough work force. Shuan has 20 people working in our factory and our production is 5 million pairs of gloves per year. Our production capacity is 100 people. I can start 80 people today. I certainly do not think there is an unemployment problem in Yozgat. Our citizen is not informed that there are companies operating in Yozgat Industrial Zone like ours. There's work to do. There's no reason to grow up. We want to grow together with Yozgat and provide employment to Yozgatlans, but we can not find any staff. Everyone in our house is open. "

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