Organized in the Organized Industrial Zone, Kahraman Steel Scissor is one of the three companies operating in this field in Turkey, which is producing trailer scissors and materials needed by the automotive industry.


Kahraman Steel Scissors, started production in 1994 at Yerköy with a modest workshop auto scissors production continues today in the factory which has 10 thousand square meters of area established in Yozgat Organized Industrial Zone.


The company which produces steel scissors and other parts of agricultural tractors trailers is indispensable and this field covers 70% of the needs in Turkey.


Hero Farmer

While trailer springs and scissors produced in Kahraman Çelik are marketed all over Turkey from Yozgat, trailers and scissors exceeding Turkey are indispensable for farmers in Europe. The company that produces 42 thousand complex trailer scissors per year in the agricultural sector is taking its place among the firms with the facial flux of Yozgat OSB in the automotive sector. The company produces heavy industrial productions such as lightweight trailer scissors, tandem trailer scissors, assisting scissors, flat scissors, axle without brake, assembled porya, porya, lift and jack.




Yozgat Opened to the World From OSB


He named himself Yozgat as a full-fledged Yozgat lover, and said that they announced Yozgat's name to the world with hero Sayan trailer and scissors. Sayan, who always pointed out that they closely follow the technology, used the expressions "We made the roads conforming to the leaf spring standard TS 582 and ISO 9001 9002 certificates for the vehicles". Sayan added that they export to more than 20 countries, including Russia, through their dealerships. Sayan underlined that the biggest reason for choosing OSB is natural gas.




Investor in the Hometown


Kahraman Sayan said that Yozgat's love of Yozgat is heavy and that the production bases are established in Yozgat OSB. Sayan said that the same investment could make a lot more money when it was built in the coastal city but preferred to stay in Yozgat, "Here we are at work with our brothers and sisters. We also give bread to about 40 natives and we produce in the middle of Anatolia, "he said.

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