Emirates Stadium and Oxford and Cambridge Universities are heated by boilers produced in Yozgat.


In the Yozgat Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ), Erensan Heat, which produces industrial and residential boilers for heating systems, exports to 100 countries.


Arsenal from the Premier League teams of England is heated with boilers produced in Oxford and Cambridge Universities in Yozgat in England and all the warming needs of the training and social facilities of the Emirates Stadium, which is now one of the most modern and expensive stadiums in the world, . Produced heat boilers are used in more than 100 countries in a wide geographical area including Cuba, Netherlands, Egypt, Spain, Senegal, Belgium, Germany, Iran, Russia, Romania, Turkic Republics and Middle East besides England. The Yozgat worker's product is noted for its ability to be used in the Torino Hospital in Italy, in people's homes in Australia, in the dairy farms in Africa, in the oil factory in Kazakhstan, in heating the cities in Russia, in the cosmetics factory in Mexico.


240 Employed

Company officials Ayhan Eren, Yozgat Organized Industrial Zone, employing 15 thousand square meters indoor area of ​​240 thousand people, said the activities sürdüklerini. Stating that they export 60 percent of their production, Eren says, "We produce natural gas heating boilers, steam boilers, industrial boilers and energy boilers in our factory. European countries, the Turkish Republics, Latin America and Australia. We can say from Europe's winner Yozgat. "



The Signatures of Turkish Engineers and Workers in the Most Important Facilities of the World

Eren, who draws attention to the fact that the Airbus plant in Spain is heated by the Cambridge Oxford universities in England and the Arsenal Emirates Stadium and the houses around Yozgat, Eren says, "We are manufacturing over 4,000 boilers in total annually. In the coming years we will have new investments with capacity increase. In order to compete, we need to produce more efficient products by using more added value and more technology and to produce boilers that meet world standards and norms. The quality of the product is very important in the heat as it is in everything. This year's export average of 55 percent corresponds to around 17 million Euros according to our total production and sales. Both exporting to the country by bringing foreign currency and also produce a very value-added product. Sacı, demiri, boruyu are getting together with our domestic engineering, producing it with domestic workers, boiling, combining, testing and quality standards by putting the product into a finished product. It is important to be able to produce and export products with high added value and continuity. We think that by doing this, we contribute to the economy at the maximum, "he said.

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