A meeting was held under the chairmanship of the Deputy Governor Şükrü Çakır in the conference hall of Fatih Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School in the Yozgat Organized Industrial Zone campus under the program titled "National Mobilization in Working Life" initiated with the aim of decreasing unemployment and increasing employment after the invitation of our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Who will benefit


İŞKUR Yozgat Provincial Directorate of the OSB entrepreneurs who are active in the 'Mobilizing Mental Teri' slogan 'National Mobilization in Working Life' program was told. Speaking at the meeting İŞKUR Provincial Director Deputy Zarife Başar explained the terms of benefiting from the incentive. Başer; "Private sector employers will benefit from the incentive application. Employers will benefit from this incentive for each insured they receive in addition to the number of insured persons in the monthly premium and service certificates for the month of 2016 / December 31/12/2017. As of 01/02/2017, the employers are obliged to insure the insured, They must be unemployed registered to İŞKUR and they must be out of the monthly premiums and service documents issued to the Social Security Institution for the previous three months from the date they were hired, or they must be outside the registered insured persons in the concessional and premium service statements. Today the cost of an employee's employer is 2.177 TL. With the incentive to be applied, the employers will pay only 1.404 TL for every 1 insured they will recruit in addition to their current employees and the remaining premium and tax liabilities of 773 TL will be paid by the state. In other words, for every additional person employed, the cost of the employer will be reduced by TL 773. The application of the incentive will be valid until 31/12/2017. Employers who will benefit from this incentive; They will not be able to benefit from other insurance incentives, grants and discounts for the same insured in the same period. "

We'll Work Unemployed in Yozgat


Speaking at the meeting and pointing out that Yozgat needs to make the most of this mobilization that has entered into implementation, Deputy Governor Şükrü Çakır said, "We are holding a meeting on the National Mobilization Program in Working Life. In this context, we will talk about what we can do in our own İlimiz Yozgat in the framework of the "National Mobilization in Working Life" program initiated by Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, the Minister of Labor and Social Security, in Konya, in order to reduce unemployment and increase employment in line with the calls of the President of the Republic of Turkey. Yozgat Organize Industrial Zone is the locomotive of Yozgat. In this framework, each employer can employ employers by adding to the number of workers stated by December 2016 plus how many, this employment can be employed as much as one person wants. Each employment that it has covered within the framework of this program, the tax will be fully covered by the State. He will only pay the minimum wage. This is a great opportunity for our employer, Yozgat and our country. It is also an important opportunity to eliminate your unemployment. In this regard, we have to find a solution so that we are not unemployed in the street. I hope we will try to do what is best in Yozgat all together, "he said.

We Need to Evaluate This Offer


I wish the National Mobilization Campaign in the Working Life to be very well appreciated by all sections and to be successful in bringing our national economy to a solid level in a very short time, especially by the evaluation of this wind brought by our Ministry, especially our unemployed people. I wish everybody to believe and trust it, "he said.

In addition to Şükrü Çakır, Deputy Governor Ertuğrul Egemen, Deputy Provincial Director of Social Security Institution Bilal Keskin, İŞKUR Provincial Director Vekili Zarife Başer, Organize Industry Regional Manager Erdoğan Öztürk and many entrepreneurs participating in Yozgat attended the meeting.

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