In Technopark; It is aimed at catching new technology in production and production, obtaining high added value products and providing capital flow to that region, increasing employment and making the country's industry a competitive export target. Technoparks, university lecturers, design and product developers and industrialists bring together a common area where they can work with government incentives.


Founded in 2015 and one of the youngest Teknoparks in Turkey, Bozok Teknopark continues to contribute to the technology of our country, especially Yozgat since its establishment. Bozok Teknopark, which is continuing to work with 9 R & D and 3 pre-crisis companies, received grants of 2 and a half million TL from public institutions and organizations.


Bozok Technopark and YOSB Handheld


Bozok Teknopark, which is closely related to the Yozgat Organized Industrial Zone, brings industrialists and scientists together to contribute to the country's economy. With the 32 companies in YOSB, which are the most important economic capitals opened by Yozgat to the world, steps were taken to obtain high value - added products and to turn the country 's industry towards competitive export.




Technoparks Will Go in Front of Brain Imagination


Bozok Teknopark General Manager Prof. Bozok said that walking through confident steps in the future and competing with the world is now technoparks. Dr. Hikmet Şelli Aybar said, "The main objectives of Teknoparks are to transform the academic knowledge and research potential of universities and research centers into technological products and to provide suitable environment for technology transfer, to encourage the formation and development of technology-focused companies, to increase synergy and cooperation opportunities between companies and institutions, To provide business and entrepreneurial opportunities, to prevent brain migration. In this context, technoparks play an important role in regional and economic development. "

Teknopark is a Great Opportunity for Yozgat


Referring to the fact that Bozok Teknopark is one of the youngest technoparks in our country, Aybar said, "Bozok Teknopark is one of the 64 technoparks declared in Turkey and 52 technoparks in operation. Looking at this aspect, almost half of Turkey's provinces have technoparks, while the other half does not. Within this context, Bozok Technopark is a chance and an opportunity for the region. "




Office Furniture Furnishings are Presented Beside Technical Support


Underlining that the technical support of the entrepreneur bringing the project and the furnitures and technological support of the office are also underlined. Dr. Hikmet Şelli Aybar said that Bozok Teknopark was declared as Official Gazette in 2013 and that a management company consisting of 7 districts was established immediately afterwards. Aybar said, "Our partners are Bozok University, Governor of Yozgat Provincial Special Administration, Yozgat Municipality, Sorgun Municipality, Akdağmadeni Municipality, Yozgat Chamber of Commerce and Yozgat Chamber of Agriculture. The technoparks completed their building in a very fast manner in about 1 year compared to the establishment process and started to operate the tenant. As a refurbished IT equipment from the Ministry of Science and Technology, 58 desktop computers, smart boards for company meetings, projection equipment and many other equipment were received. In addition, as office equipment, all office furniture such as work desk, work bench, computer desk, meeting table, whiteboard, bookcase, wardrobe were provided. All these equipments are presented to the use of all entrepreneurs in Bozok Technopark ".

Granted 2 Million Million Lira In Technopark


Professor Dr. Hikmet Şelli Aybar, "Teknopark has accepted 9 companies that have been operating in a short period of 1 year with 11 projects. If we look at the company profile, we see that the medical and healthcare sector, where the largest R & D and the biggest budget departed in the world, is the half of our technopark. Our companies have received approx. 2 and a half million pounds from various institutions. "




Bozok Technopark Provides Great Advantages for Entrepreneurs


Saying that all the entrepreneurs who want to take part in Bozok Technopark are expecting many advantages, Aybar said that the advantages provided by Teknopark are very important at the point of progress of entrepreneurs in their fields. Aybar, "Advantages of technoparks; Income and corporate tax exemption, income tax withholding tax, customs tax exemption, stamp tax exemption, insurance premium employer sentiment support, value added tax exemption. These exemptions and exemptions are valid for the expenditures made within the scope of the project and vary according to the nature of the project. Therefore, we are waiting for the building in Bozok University campus to give detailed information to the participants, "he said.




We Offer Great Opportunities for Students and New Graduates


Prof. Dr. Bozok Teknopark said that they are offering a ready-made office environment where they can do R & G work without renting and other expenses to project-holding students in the incubator and incubation center. Dr. Hikmet Şelli Aybar "In addition to this, we offer counseling services on the steps of establishing a company. We are providing information on the support and grants that the government can receive. In this context, Bozok Teknopark Pre-incubation center, 3 project-holding students continue to work on R & D, "he said.

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