Founded in 2015 and one of the youngest Teknoparks in Turkey, Bozok Teknopark continues to contribute to the technology of our country, especially Yozgat since its establishment. İzoz Insulation Systems, which started working on the first day of Bozok Technopark by opening an office in Teknopark, had a dream of Every Place Project. İzosis Insulation Systems, which is based on an area of ​​45 thousand square meters on the Yozgat-Sorgun highway and employs 40 people in its area, has produced surface paint with antibacterial-antimicrobial character which can be written by taking office and consultancy service from Bozok Teknopark. The company, which has patented the antibacterial-antimicrobial feature by developing a writable paint reaching the buyer from abroad at 250 pounds, reduced the cost of the new product to 1 in 10. Since joining the company Bozok Teknopark, he has signed many principles in his field.


Teknopark and Every Place Writing Project

"We have a vision of our company and in this context we have decided to carry out our technical R & D studies in Teknopark, considering what kind of contribution Teknopark will provide to our company", said İznik Insulation Systems Company General Manager Serkan Uzun, who expressed his office opening in Bozok Technopark in the day of Bozok Technopark. said. Long, "We have started working on a patented product from abroad that we have created in the Technopark, which is very expensive. When this product is pushed onto the wall surface, it becomes a writing pad and can be removed at any time with the help of an eraser. Because the product was patented, we had to develop this product. By adding antibacterial-antimicrobial properties to the product, we want to be hygienic and to be used like a writing pad. However, we do not want to limit the product to only wall surfaces. With this in mind, we acted and wrote an R & D project. This project was approved by KOSGEB and we started working on this project at Teknopark. Everywhere we took the fruit of the projects we gave the name of the writing project, our project ended at the 5th month and at the same time we made the product antibacterial - antimicrobial feature and reduced the product cost to approximately 1 in 10 abroad. Technopark has a technical office within the body, consulting services can get a product that we can provide a great contribution, "he said.



Signature At Firsts


Izosis Insulation Systems Company After joining the company Bozok Teknopark, he has signed many principles in his field. With the support it received from the Central Anatolian Development Agency, the company established an EPS polystyrene raw material production line and signed another principle in the region. This investment, which will play an active role in keeping the resources of the region in the region, is also expected to be life in sectors such as transportation and oil. The company, which will make a first break in the prefabricated building market with its works and details it finds in the prefabricated building sector, aims to bring vitality to the market with a different product concept. In addition, the production of pre-cast GRC products, that is, the decorative elements made of concrete, will be the first and only in the region.



Rapidly Developed From the Established Star


İzosis Insulation Systems Limited Company was founded in 2009 by Construction Higher Engineer Serkan Uzun. İzozis started its activities on its 3 thousand square meters closed and 18,500 square meters open area on its own in Sorgun Road in Yozgat within the scope of KOSGEB KÖİD project. Nowadays, izozis, operating on 6 thousand 500 closed area and 19 thousand square meter open area with additional buildings, continues its way with the goal of producing 20 thousand square meters closed and 30 thousand square meters open area within 10 years.


Produced by Registered Markets




In 2010, the company which received the principle of institutionalism is an ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2000 and CE quality system certificate. The company that wants to identify quality with brand consciousness, Artizo about the paint group that he made with Izosis in production area, Izobonder related to dust building chemicals, Izofixer about repair and elastic mortar group, Izofabric about prefabricated structures and a new mechanical mantle system He registered Turkizo brands.




A New Look at the Mantolam


As a result, the company has brought in hidden dowel detail with four-edge twin locking system in ready-to-use plastered insulation plates and has also developed a unique product with surface coating chemistry. As a R & D project, KOSGEB offers a different product concept with the slogan "A new look in Mantolam" and successfully completes this R & D project today and continues this project uninterruptedly. The mass production of this new product, which will bring sound in Turkey and in Europe, will be completed by the end of 2017. With this new system, 12 months can be applied in summer and winter without being dependent on seasonal conditions, the application period is very short, a coat system that does not require any paint and repair process will be available.


Pioneer in trademark registration


The firm that accepts the institutional principle is an izozosis in the field of EPS polystyrene products, Artizo for the paint group, Izobonder for the dust building chemicals, repairing and repairing the EPS polystyrene products by identifying quality with the brand consciousness besides the TSE and CE quality system certificates Izofıxer related to elastic mortar group, Izofabrıc related to prefabricated structures, and a new mechanical mantle system developed by Turkizo.


Received a Reward


As a company that realizes the goals it puts in business life, İzosis Insulation Systems has succeeded in signing the firsts in our country in the insulation sector which has been producing without completing a year in commercial life yet. This success was evaluated by KOSGEB, and in 2010, the company was nominated for the Entrepreneur of the Year award in Turkey and awarded with a superior achievement plaque. In addition, the company has grown at an average growth rate of 180 percent since its establishment and has ranked 45th in the list of Top 100 Fastest Growing Top 100 companies in the 2013 Allworld Network TurkeyFastGrowth100 program. In 2015, he was awarded with the International Award of Leaderships in Quality by Busıness İnıtatı and Dırectıons and represented Turkey in the Busıness World Award Program abroad.


Opened to the World Founded in Yozgat


İzosis Insulation Systems is projected that Izosis Insulation Systems, which indirectly exports to Africa, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Russia and France, will start to collect the fruits of business visits to Balkan countries for direct exports in 2017. İzosis Insulation Systems Company targets to take place in the first place in the sector by locating domestic and international brand awareness within five years. The company, which is the only active player in Central Anatolia, is the only player in Turkey with its diversity of products in the sector and continues the process of constructing dealers from Istanbul to Van, Trabzon to Mersin.


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