The Metaforum Company, which exports medical products produced in Yozgat, is looking for qualified personnel to expand its export network. Metaphorum, which manufactures in the medical sector in the Organized Industrial Zone, exports products to 40 countries, mainly South American countries and Arab countries, with 40 employees. The biggest problem of the company wanting to expand its export network is finding no qualified workers.

Abraham Shahbaz, who has been working in the medical sector with 40 employees in Yozgat, has been working in the medical sector to South America, Turkish states and Arab countries such as Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Far East countries. . These countries receive medical products according to their needs. People are so comfortable that they ask about their salary before they go to work. They do not like the fee. People are accustomed to laziness, the money we give does not attract people. They intend to take it without giving anything. We are having trouble finding workers. If we can find the workers we are looking for, we can increase the number of countries we export to 60. But unfortunately we can not find it. We are trying to export with 40 employees. "

 "Our products are the same quality as the products of existing companies in international markets," Shahbaz said, "We have some features and we have superior features from our competitors." Abraham Shahbaz, "We are committed to R & D work to improve the equipment we manufacture and to get new models from the pajamas. Our products, which we have prepared by our own R & D department, offer alternative solutions for different requirements of our customers. The Italian firms, which have a say in the world on their inspection seats, are also among the greatest competitors in this field "



"We want to continue to push the first lines in our field by following technological developments on this path which we are surely proceeding with." Especially for chemotherapy and dialysis patients who have long and difficult treatment processes, Şahbaz stated that they are interested in domestic and foreign fairs and that they are Turkish firms. We constantly renew and update our seats, which we produce, in order to meet with the patients themselves and offer them maximum comfort ".



In recent years, state hospitals and health centers refurbishment that modernization and renovation work to give extraordinary weight, pointed out that besides experiencing intense as the sector with the institutions to be taken to the new service Ibrahim Shahbaz, "who constantly compete with imported products, our company drew down the public cost of taking into consideration the minimum profit with national feelings and thoughts Our products are in the service of the citizens in the hospitals which are located in every corner of our country, mainly in the patient care centers through the State Material Office and we also meet the seats and needs of the beauty salons.

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