The world-famous Black Sea tea meets with meals after various stages. Tea picked fresh from the field is processed in factories and is being tinted in huge boilers. The huge boilers of the tea factories, especially in the Black Sea and all over the world, are produced by the special Kazan company operating in the Yozgat Organized Industrial Zone.

Founded in 2000 in Yozgat Organize Industry Zone, the company produces huge amounts of steam, hot oil and hot water boilers. Today, the company offers business opportunities to 45 people and is exporting to many countries including Russia and China.

Musa Özel, who says that tea factories that contribute to the country's economy meet 80-90% of their boiler needs as a firm, says "The tea boilers that we make for the tea factories in the Black Sea Region pass through the necessary processes and steam boilers. The tea gives the black color, and the Black Sea tea takes its place in our tables. "


Boilers from Russia and China from Yozgat

Private, "Since the establishment of our company, quality and reliability as a principle, has become a company with brand values ​​in the boiler and pressure vessels sector in hot relations with its customers. Our company; Product range and capacity range with design, production, sales and after sales services of Solid, Liquid, Gas Fired Hot Water Boilers, Superheated Water Boilers, Steam Boilers, Hot Oil Boilers, Chimneys, Flue Gas Filter Systems and other Heat Devices and Pressure Vessels As it grows day by day. We follow the developments in our field moment by moment and continuously improve our work area and our technology and increase our work efficiency. Our company, which produces environmental systems that convert the energy of fossil fuels into heat energy, has a position separated from contractors and competitors according to customer needs with our expert engineers. We have signed many reference projects at home and abroad and contribute to the economy of the region and the country with the added value we produce. We export to many countries, mainly Russia and China. Along with the new agreements, we will export to Arab countries and far east countries, "he said.


Opened from Yozgat to the World

Private, also informed about the work of the factory decided to grow with Yozgat, the factory said that they have opened production in YOSB. Musa Özel, "We built our factory in Yozgat, which was our home country in 2000 and has always been independent. We thought how we would serve Yozgat, our beautiful home where we ate our bread and drink water. Along with this, the OSB incentives also directed us to establish factories here. So we built our factory in YOSB 16 years ago. The point that our company is today is that it is a doorway from Yozgat to the World. "

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