Three friends who entered the sector in 1996 as a worker in a furniture store, partnered in the future and now export furniture from Sorgun to Europe.
Today, Sorgun offers a 4-storey building in the Bahçelievler district, surpassing the Sorgun borders and retailing to Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and other European countries, including France, where most of our countrymen live. Sorgun is the preferred furniture for the expatriates who return to their countries to spend their summer months in our country. Dostlar Mobilya, a province in the region, is home to the Turks living in Europe. Ankara Siteler Dostlar Furniture, which furnitures made in İnegöl and Kayseri, presents our guests to their homes according to the wishes of our customers. Three years ago, Mustafa Kalpaslan, who expressed that they started a shredder export, expressed with Mustafa Öcal and Cihan Arslan in 2009 that they have opened a modest furniture, carpet, white goods and accessory store with the aim of responding to the need of the county. Kalpaslan who says that our mission is to work hard and provide a quality service "We have continued our service without sacrificing our quality. We are doing sales to four corners of Turkey, even abroad. "



Company Official Mustafa Kalpaslan, who said that they started from scratch, "I started working in 1996 as a furniture store. With Mustafa Öcal and Cihan Arslan working together with me, we decided to do this job by saying that we should not do this work. At first we were very tough, but by hand we came up from the difficulties. As three friends we had a close friendship. We are the various villages of Sorgun in our day. We are the same people. We have crowned our friendship with us and put the name of our company as Dostlar Mobilya from here. We started to provide services on 300 square meters area with 3 employees and today we operate on an area of ​​700 square meters with 8 employees and we export to European countries, mainly four corners of our country. According to the wishes of the customer, our furniture is designed according to the desire and is being installed in their houses "



Mustafa Kalpaslan, who participated in furniture fairs held in Turkey and in the world and who followed up the developments in the furniture sector and expressed their service understanding to the highest levels "We serve in European standards. In this respect, we started sales abroad afterwards abroad. Not only Yozgatlılar, we come from Antep, Urfa, Rize, Mersin, Zonguldak and have customers who take their furniture. Exports always existed in my dreams. We started our work in line with the demands of our expatriates coming from abroad and we sent our first fence to France 4 years ago. Later in the year, we began to meet the demands of our expatriates in other European countries, especially our expatriates living in France on recommendations. Not only Yoggatlı expatriates but also the expatriates who are registered to the population of our other illerries come to our stores in the summer months and we choose their furniture and we deliver them to their houses in Europe. Last year we had 180 expatriates, 220 seniors in this age who needed the furniture. Our trucks are constantly on the road. "



Recalling that they intend to establish a large furniture factory in Sorgun, Kalpaslan has also made a suggestion with the questionable furniture. Hearts, "Of course, we have forward-looking dreams, projects. We are a team that devotes itself to the furniture sector and follows all sorts of developments. In the first stage, to enlarge our store which is 700 thousand square meters, to 4 thousand meters square. Afterwards, our biggest dream is to establish a furniture factory where we can give at least 200 jobs to our Sorgun. We plan to pass it on as soon as possible, "he said. Kalpaslan addressing the district furniture sector "If we can sell furniture to all over Europe with our three partners today, we can do bigger things as furniture makers in Sorgun. Larger partnerships can create larger factories. Our science, our science has such a potential and we can do it in the best way. We can eliminate the problem of unemployment in our district as furniture manufacturers in Sorgun. We can offer our young people job opportunities. The state does not make factories but encourages them, our state is doing its duty and offers investors all kinds of opportunities ".

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