The "Yozgatlı Businessmen Summit" meeting was held in Sorgun to uncover the investment potential of Yozgat, to invest in Yozgat, to increase employment, to prevent migration to big cities and to make our city a livable city.

3 days and 80 people living in Europe at a meeting attended by the business people in Yozgat Organize Sanayi Bölgesi stand. Yozgat's investment opportunities, incentives and potentials were told at the stand where the business people were intensely involved. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, which offers 5th region opportunities to investors, will be one of the most important investment areas of Central Anatolia Region with the completion of high-speed train and airport.

Organize Industry Zone Manager Erdogan Öztürk explained to the organizers what kind of opportunities they had in the case of investing in Organize Sanayi Bölgesi by taking care of business people who participated in the meeting. Erdogan Ozturk "In Yozgat, which is located in the 5th region of the incentive, investors who make investments in Organize Sanayi Bölgesi have the opportunity to benefit from the support applied in a sub-region in terms of tax reduction and insurance premium support. Fifth region incentive benefits consist of customs tax exemption, VAT exception, tax reduction, insurance premium employer support, investment site insurance, interest support. "


Öztürk stated that "if the investment is realized by the investor who has made the investment in Organize Sanayi Bölgesi and the partner investment is a partner of at least five real or legal persons operating in the same sector and it is an investment that will provide joint field activity integration, they also have the opportunity to benefit from these subsidies at the rates and times provided in a sub-region of the region in which they are involved in terms of investments, tax reductions and insurance premium support for the employer. "


Strategic Advantage


Referring to the strategic importance of the Yozgat Organized Industrial Zone, Ozturk said that "Yozgat is located in the middle of Anatolia, 190 km from Ankara, 175 km from Kayseri, 224 km from Sivas, 470 km from Adana and 290 km from Samsun. it is of great importance in terms of The Kayseri-Ankara railway network also passes through the Yerköy district 15 km away from YOSB. In addition to this, the start of the High Speed ​​Train Project which includes Yozgat and will reduce transportation to Ankara from 50 minutes to Yozgat to Istanbul to 4 hours will also enable the OSB to become more attractive in the following years. Moreover, Yozgat airport, which is decided to be 20 minutes away from the OSB, will provide a separate facility for investors ".


Accurate Address

With the coming of natural gas to the Organized Industrial Zone in 2007, the profit rate of companies operating in the region increases in great proportions, "said Öztürk. "Another reason is that Yozgat OSB, which is one of the worst earthquake risk due to the fact that it is located on the third earthquake zone, has lower construction costs and lower investment risk than others. YOSB, which carries out its activities with the slogan of correct address of Kazancun, consists of 96 plots and has 150 hectare area. The said area consists of 702 thousand 422 square meters of industrial parcels, 67 thousand 323 square meters of educational area, 202 thousand 793 square meters of social technical area and 517 thousand 120 square meters of green area. Today, Yozgat Organize Industrial Zone has 9 textile, garment industry, 4 plastic industry, 3 construction industry, 8 metal industry, 1 health industry, 1 agricultural industry, 3 machinery industry, 2 food and packaging industry, 1 marble-granite industry. 90% of these 32 companies operating in the OIZ are exporting to many countries, mainly Europe and Middle East countries. OSB, which can be described as Yozgat's employment depot, provides job opportunities for 2 thousand people. Half of the OSB, waiting for construction and waiting for vacancies to fill the vacancy is expected to reach 10 thousand people. "

Regional Manager Erdoğan Öztürk took word of investment from businessmen from abroad. The businessmen who promised to visit the Organized Industrial Zone say they will start working on investing in Yozgat as soon as possible.

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