The 'Businessmen Summit' initiated by the Governor of Yozgat to establish a bridge between Yozgat businessmen living outside Yozgat and Yozgat began to respond.

Governor Kemal Yurtnaç visited the businessmen in İstanbul during the week after the first and second Businessmen Summit meetings. During the visits of Governor Yurtnaç, Erdoğan Öztürk, Yozgat Organize Industry Zone Manager, and ORAN Development Agency Yozgat Coordinator Timur Yıldız and Istanbul Yozgatlilar Federation President Ahmet Yılmaz were present.

Governor Yurtnaç'in expatriate businessmen to establish a bridge between the hearts of the country started to take the firestirlerin fierce. In this process, the participants in Yozgat also decided to invest in businessmen who had the opportunity to get to know the investment advantages of the city where they were born. Yurtnaç, who shortened the distances between the meetings to strengthen the voluntary bridge, took a significant step to accelerate the investment process by visiting businessmen at their factories. As a result of negotiations with businessmen, new investments will be settled in the Yozgat Organized Industrial Zone in the coming months.

Governor Yurtnac, who has been negotiating privately with businessmen planning to invest in Yozgat, said that they started working on the details of the summit of businessmen they organized in order to create Yozgat, which produces and provides employment. Governor Yurtnac, "Especially in our vision document began to summit Yozgat businessmen. First, we invited 130 businessmen living outside Yozgat to our school. We have made these meetings in order to increase the employment of the OIZ in Yozgat. We saw our business people zealous and excited. We told them the opportunities of Yozgat. In this frame, 5 businessmen started to work to bring some of our investments outside Yozgat to my knowledge. We came to the position of giving place to OSB. We started to visit our businessmen in the cities they were in together with the ones we created. Meetings are held to get results. We are following these studies to provide employment in Yozgat, "he said.

Governor Yurtnaç emphasized that they will talk about opportunities by inviting businessmen to create jobs in a stable manner. Governor Yurtnaç, 'We will be successful in our work. I believe that we will start to work in the OSB, which is close to 10 people. Yozgatlı in this frame everybody needs to reveal the opportunities in hand. We need to work together to develop this city. We have all the laurels on it. Well-intentioned, our doors will be open to the people who want to use their capital well. We will all work together in this city, "he spoke.

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