Yozgat's investment potential and opportunities for businessmen to introduce the summit, and then the domestic and foreign businessmen to visit the business people began to bite.

Yozgat Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Chairman of the Governor Kemal Yurtnaç'ın businessmen to invest in Yozgat'ta open statement that the turnaround Tekstil responded positively. engaged in the production of socks in the giant plant in Istanbul and one of the top 10 companies in its field in Turkey if Upholstery Textiles has decided to establish a second branch Yozgat Organized Industrial Zone.

Mahmut Babayiğit and Erol Güzelocak, the partners of the firm that came to Yozgat for investment, accepted the contract to sign the Governor Kemal Yurtnac land allocation contract. After signing the Governor Yurtnac thanked Yozgat's factory partners for making a huge investment.

The company aims to make 10 thousand square meters of closed space on 20 thousand square meters of land. The company will export socks produced in Yozgat to all four corners of the world, especially in Europe. The company, which aims to complete excavation works before entering in 2018, will begin production in April. The company, which will employ 300 people in the first stage, aims to increase the capacity in the following years and to employ 700 people.



He said that the entrepreneur delegation formed by the instruction of the governor Kemal Yurtnaç was effective on investing in Mahmut Babayiğit Yozgat from the company partners. Babayiğit said that Yozgat Organize Sanayi Bölgesi wanted to benefit from the 5th region incentives; "We have a facility in Istanbul that continues production and currently has 300 people working. Our efforts to continually improve and renew ourselves continue. We had the idea of ​​enlarging our factory, having more say in this area. However, the cost of land in the present place has now become a major obstacle. One day a delegation from Yozgat came to our visit. They told us about the opportunities and advantages of Yozgat and said that it was a convenient ground for investment. Investors are so enthusiastic about investing in business with their businessmen and they have helped us to make the right decision. We talked about our plans to grow our factory and make new investments. They invited us to Yozgat. Today, with the support of Yozgat Valimiz, we got 20 thousand square meters of land from Yozgat Organized Industrial Zone. Excavation work will be finished before the end of the year and production will start in our 4th month. I would like to thank Yozgat Valimize and Yozgat Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Managers for these opportunities. We will set up our new factory in Yozgat with Yozgatlilar and we will grow together ".



Company partner Erol Güzelocak "In 1987, Dönsa Socks Manufacturing Company as the first step to the sock sector company, In the year 2001; By including the guardian textile companies have established itself in a short time it has made the export and has become one of Turkey's most prominent exporter of now. About; Our factory, which operates in an area of ​​10 thousand square meters, provides the best service with fully equipped capacity and latest technology. Socks are worn all over the world, especially in European countries. We place great emphasis on R & D work. All of our designs belong to ourselves. We have created fashion centers and we determine the sock fashion. Our facility will be the center of fashion in Yozgat. In world sock production, our country ranks second after China. We are among the top ten companies in our country. "





Güzelocak "According to the export figures, we are in the 10th place in socks sector in our country. Besides our own brand, we are doing socks for well-known brands of the world. We have agreements with the German league. The socks produced in our facility will be worn by footballers in many leagues including German league footballers. Each cutting appeal, every model socks will come out of the hands of our Yozgat workers. Yozgat'te socks all over the world will be exported, "he said.




Governor Yurtnac thanked the company authorities for choosing the Yozgat Organized Industrial Zone for investment after the land allocation contract was made at the office of Governor Kemal Yurtnac. Governor Yurtnac stating that they are trying to attract investors and increase employment in Yozgat, "We have organized business summit twice in Yozgat to increase employment and attract investors. We invited our Yozgat businessmen who lived outside Yozgat in the first place and living abroad in the second. We told the businessmen of Yozgat's potential, investment supports, incentives given by our government and government. We did not stay empty after the meetings and visited our businessmen to see their activities in place. During the past few weeks, various company officials came to our school and were examined by OSB. They are thinking of doing some of their investments. The first concrete step today is the land allocation contract signed by Dönsa Textile. They will contribute to Yozgat's employment. Yozgat will be a very active city in the middle valley. All your ranks are in this direction. In line with our targets, we sincerely hope to open up business areas for workers who are working in Yozgat. Garanti Clothing, which continues its activities in the OIZ, has taken a new investment decision and will provide an additional 300 jobs. Here Yozgatlılar must take various trainings and intend to work together in new business areas. "He said.

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