In Turkey, located about 4 thousand 500 workplace and Telegraph Joint Stock Company (PTT Inc.), further expands its service network with mobile devices. PTT brings high quality services such as postal, cargo, banking by means of mobile to the feet of citizens all over our country.

Mobile vehicles which started to serve in Ankara, Antalya, Denizli and Istanbul in November 2016 with the slogan "PTT Everywhere" first set off in Yozgat in April 2017. PTT Mobile Tool, which serves certain days a week in municipalities without PTT branches, has started to serve in Organized Industrial Zone with the year 2018. The PTT Mobile Tool, which aims to ease the work of company officials and citizens in the Organized Industrial Zone where economic activity is everywhere, will serve on Mondays and Fridays throughout the year. Company officials who have to go to Yozgat and Yerköy for post, cargo and banking transactions will be able to make their transactions faster and easier with PTT Mobile Tool. Thus time savings will be achieved and economic steps will be taken more quickly.

Yozgat PTT Chief of Staff Kadir Tomrukçu said that we are continuing to develop and diversify our services every day in order to facilitate the life of our citizens and increase the peace, happiness and prosperity by stating that mobile vehicles have been active in the direction of presenting citizen service.




The Tomrukç; Our company serves 160 personnel in a total of 42 workplaces, including 1 Regional Directorate, 12 Central Directorates, 7 Branches and 22 Agencies within the scope of the "PTT Everywhere" slogan in our province. Especially in the places where our workplace is not in urgent need, earthquake, In the context of the strategy determined by our General Directorate, we have to focus on the places where the natural disasters such as fairs, openings, demonstrations and meetings are held, industrial areas far from the center of the city, but also places that can not be started yet due to essential reasons but that our customers have to leave our feet Mobilize PTT Tool has been allocated to all our services ".





Head of the Department Kadir Tomrukçu; "In April 2017 we landed on a major mobile vehicle. Within the boundaries of Yozgat, we tried to reach everywhere that is not PTT branch and needed. Our mobile vehicle is serviced by two personnel. We know that there are no branches in Yozgat Organized Industrial Zone, which is one of the most active places of Yozgat's economy, and we know that company officials are going to the nearest center for postal, cargo and banking transactions. We will serve in the Organize Industrial Zone on Mondays and Fridays two days a week since we are aiming to facilitate our citizens' lives and to provide services to increase peace, happiness and prosperity. We will help not only the Organize Industrial Zone companies but also the employees of the surrounding countryside. "

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