Our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, started to work towards the goals of reducing unemployment and increasing employment after the summons. In the course of the National Mobilization in the Working Life, 1.5 million people were employed throughout the country.


Decisions taken at Provincial Employment Council Meetings held on the 81st were implemented one by one, contributing to the employment increases of the companies.


In this context, IŞKUR Business and Business Advisor Head of Department came to Sinan Timur Yozgat and visited İŞKUR Provincial Director Taner Yıldız and Yozgat Organize Industry Region Manager Erdoğan Öztürk together with companies contributing to employment in Yozgat Organized Industrial Zone. The incentives for employment in the Yozgat Organized Industrial Zone, where the economic activity increased day by day and the employment field expanded in this direction, were explained. Yıldırım Plastik, Garanti Clothing, Private Kazan and Eren Çorap companies were invited to visit plus employment.


İŞKUR Business and Business Advisory Department Head Sinan Timur, "Organize Industry Zone in order to increase the employment of companies in the status quo, we are here today. İŞKUR and our Ministry of Labor incentives gave information about our companies. We participated in the Provincial Employment Council meeting held in 81 provinces with the instructions of Labor and Social Security Minister Sayın Jülide Sarıeroğlu. We want to contribute to the employment increase of our companies by visiting OIZs within the scope of employment mobilization. Yozgat Organize Sanayi Bölgesi is a big place with a capacity of over 30 firms. Here we will take a more active and effective role as İŞKUR. From this point of view, our plans will be made with İŞKUR provincial director, OSB director and other NGOs. "


İŞKUR Provincial Director Taner Yildiz, Business and Profession Advisor Head of Department Sinan Timur said that they were visiting together and emphasized that they gave information about employment incentives to firms. "We are learning about the problems of our companies related to employment and exchanging ideas about the problems. Yozgat Organize Industry region has an important place for our city. Today it is a region that employs 1600 people. We will continue to work jointly with our Organized Industrial Zone Directorate to benefit from the employment incentives of our companies. "

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