Used in making the pizza and Mozzarella cheese production in Turkey is not yet at the end of the year production will start to be produced in Yozgat.

Yozgat entrepreneur Sold Koç, who established factories in two different provinces of Slovenia in 2012 and processed milk and dairy products in these factories, decided to transfer his success in Europe to Yozgat. Yozgat Governor Kemal Yurtnaç'ın Yozgat personally invited in his visit to the businessmen who were abroad, began to work to establish a factory in Yozgat Organized Industrial Zone.

Organized Industrial Zone Manager Erdogan Ozturk Koç, who looks at the appropriate parcel in the campus, said that they have no hesitation about investing in Yozgat.


Be the first to Mozzarella Cheese Produced in Turkey

Coach; "During the past year, guests from our country came to Europe. Our Valimiz Kemal Yurtnaç met in Europe and invited us to Yozgat. This invitation was very important to us. Because we are writing Yozgat in their identities. We sat in our own country to see what we could do. We already have two factories. We produce mozzarella cheese which is known as ayran and pizza cheese. End of our investigation we found that none of the mozzarella cheese production in Turkey. The pizzas produced in our country are either made with mozzarella cheese bought from the outside or made with other cheese instead of mozzarella cheese and served to the citizen. We have decided to produce mozzarella cheese in our own country with our experienced in Europe. We will sell mozzarella cheese to the world we will make from the milk of animals grazing in the fertile pastures of Anatolia. We believe that the aroma of Anatolia's thousands of different plants will make mozzarella cheese more indispensable. "


Production will Be Over the Year

Sold Coach; "We will lay on 5,000 square meters of space, and in the first stage we will have 10 more people in the factory, another 10 more people in milk collection and side branches. Over time, the number of employees in the factory will rise to 30. We are prosperous Europe. We will make mozzarella cheese, which we have produced in this beautiful city of Anatolia, the number one cheese in Europe. Afterwards, we will deliver the cheese we produce in Yozgat to every part of the world. We will also use state-of-the-art domestic machinery for this production. We will literally produce a domestic pizza cheese. We will start our production at the end of the year if we do not encounter any problems ".


Employment Will Increase 95 Percent When Investments Are Completed

Yozgat Organize Industry Region Manager Erdoğan Öztürk; "It is pleasing that a company that has proven itself in the production of dairy products in Slovenia and introduced it to the world will come to our knowledge. Sayın Sold With Coach, we met last year in Europe. We came here without breaking the invitation of our esteemed Valimiz and explained the advantages and opportunities of OSB. We discussed the necessary conditions and showed them a suitable plot. We have started the land acquisition process after the positive change. Thank goodness for the businessmen 's summit initiated by our governor and the fruits of our business trips abroad. After the visits to the Businessmen Summit and business people living abroad, we had already mentioned our 4 nurses. Now, if Koç's decision to come to Turkey is complete, we will have 95% increase in business visits to Businessmen Summit and businessmen living abroad. "

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