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Yozgat is known as a place where Central Anatolia is blending heaps, and at the same time it is aimed to come to the city as a city that welcomes entrepreneurs.

It is located in the 5th region within 6 priority regions in our development. More importantly, among the provinces that receive incentives in the 5th region, it is the closest province to Ankara and Istanbul.

If your investments are located in the Organized Industrial Zone, incentives close to the 6th zone incentives are given.

50 minutes to Ankara by high speed train; 275 km to Samsun Port by road; 450 km to Mersin Port; They offer opportunities to invest as a city opened to the world with the airport being built.

Our province is in a position to provide logistics to 13 villages, 421 thousand population, uncontaminated nature, 5th district incentives and 200 km distance to major cities.

The general economic structure of the province is based on agriculture and livestock, and on the basis of this, offers the opportunity for investors to switch to agricultural industry.

In the existing Organize Industrial Zone, there are 96 parcels in the size of 1450 decares. 32 companies in these parcels; Textile, garment, plastics, construction, metal, health, agriculture, machinery, food and packaging and marble-granite industries and 1531 people are employed.

On the other hand, Kale Seramik produces products for domestic and foreign market in the Private Organize Industrial Zone in Yerköy.

The Organized Industrial Zone will be established near the Yozgat Airport, which entered the Investment Program this year. Bozok Organize Sanayi Bölgesi'nin expropriation and zoning plan studies have begun, the nearest time to start the allocation of land.

From all of these, it is clear that Yozgat will be the right opportunity and winner for investors in the near future.

Public institutions will open their doors with the principle of "zero bureaucracy" to investors coming to Yozgat; The entrepreneurs are waiting for Yozgat to become the occasion for the beginning of the development, the earning, the employment.

I wish you good work with temptation to see the opportunities of Yozgat.

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    Governor of Yozgat



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